Cleveland Roofing Services

Cleveland Roofing Services

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Reader roofing Cleveland: Who are we?

We are the oldest roof repair, maintenance, installation, replacement and advisory services firm Northwest of Ohio. We install commercial roofing and residential roofing systems most of them with a warranty that lasts for over 20 years.

What are our specialties?

We handle all manner of roofing types including, asphalt or built-up roof, rubber or EPDM, thermoplastic membranes, modified bitumen as well as metal roofing for commercial facilities. With three generations of roofing experience, we can get you just about anything that is related to roofing including fabrications.
Where we’ve been in Cleveland Cleveland is one of our oldest factory floors. We have set up versatile roofing structures for union plants, schools, hospitals, and the residential housing that populates the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland’s common roofing problems

After years of repairs and maintenance in Cleveland some of the common roofing issues we have noticed include bubbling of paint on ceilings or walls, discoloration from water on ceilings or walls, damp spots around fireplaces and peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs. We have also noticed cracked caulk or holes on flashing, missing pieces of your roof such as shingles or tiles, worn areas around chimneys, pipes, skylights and buckling, curling, or blistering shingles.

What are we known for?

We will conduct for you proper roof repairs, monitoring, and advice you accordingly. Also, keep in mind that we can do complete roof replacement when the cost of repairing the damage exceed the cost of installing a new one. We can also help you assess whether the repairs will be able to clamp down on the damage incurred.

Other Reader roofing Services.

We stock quality ventilation, skylight, gutters and nail materials in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As a team, we also have the best chimney and masonry repairs and maintenance team in northwest Ohio.
Reader roofing Cleveland Projects. As a three-generational, 100-year-old roofing experts with skills and training in all aspects of roof maintenance and repair, some of the projects we have been a part of in Cleveland and the greater Northwest Ohio area include fixing a leaking roof for a facility in Cleveland, in Westside, an Eastside church repair, and several residential homes..
Contact info/Location.

We always have a standby team for emergency roofing inspection, advice, costing, repair or inspection.
Find us at; 676 East 152nd Street Cleveland, OH, 44110-2358 Tel: (216) 451-1355


Our excellent service to the community is under-girded by state and regulatory approvals and certifications from the state: State License #28128. We also have policy certifications from the National Roofing Contractors Association as well as the Bonded and Insured.