Specialty Roof Maintenance

Why is maintaining your roof important?

Inspecting the condition of your roof at least once a year, will help you to maintain the longevity of your roof.  Insurance companies want to see that their customers have maintained their roofs over time should weather cause damage to your roof, a well-maintained roof within the age parameters will lend value to your claim.  It is also imperative to stay compliant with your warranty guidelines which includes maintenance.

Every roof is different.  Factors such as roofing materials, the environment (such as trees, the direction the roof is facing, location in proximity to the lake), previous repairs, and age can affect an appropriate maintenance schedule for your roof.  Our technicians can provide a recommendation for the condition of your roof as well as a yearly roof inspection at no charge to our customers.  As a guideline we have listed some information on maintaining your roof below.

Roof Maintenance Schedule


A slate roof can last you 100 years or more if properly maintained and made with a good quality slate.  Poor quality slates can take on a shale type properties and tend flake off over time.  We recommend a yearly inspection of your roof and we can provide an inspection at no charge to you.  It’s important to keep an eye out for missing slates, slates that are coming loose, cracked, or any slates on the ground.  There is an aesthetic that is requested by some customers in which the slates are intentionally broken and rough around the edges for a rustic look so not all broken slates that are properly installed need to be addressed.  Slate roofs need little in the way of maintenance as long as there has not been severe weather.

Wood Shake or Wood Shingles

Wood shakes are rough-sewn pieces of wood and random in size.  Wood shingles are typically thinner than wood shakes and more uniform in size.  These types of roofs need to be cleaned and treated every three to seven years dependent on your location and age of the roof.  Treatment ____Shade from trees can cause more issues with mold and it will need cleaning, 5 – 7 years treated, in sun more treatment – clean and wood treatment.


Tile roofs are made with all clay tiles which includes Spanish tile or Ludowici tiles.  If you see any missing or on the ground.  Flashing can go bad sooner than the tile themselves.  Hips, ridges, termination and flashing points are where the issues become apparent first.  In the past ice and water shield was not installed.  Felt paper deteriorated so you get ice back up.

Asphalt Shingles

The most common type of roof is made with asphalt shingles.  It is important to inspect flashings, replace missing, damaged, lifted, or buckling shingles as soon as possible.  Proper ventilation is important on all roofs but can be more detrimental to the asphalt shingles that can sustain heat from both the inside of the house as well as outside which can burn up the shingle at a faster rate.  With proper ventilation you can reduce this deterioration.

Flat Roof

There is a wide variety of roofing material that your flat roof on your home or garage can consist of.  This type of roof needs the most attention.  A flat roof is much more susceptible to roof leaks and the seams, flashing, roof edge, and the overall general condition should be thoroughly inspected.  Yearly inspections are highly recommended.

Flashings, Valleys, Skylights & Siding

There is a wide variety of materials that flashings and valleys can be made of.  It is important to look for splits, even hairline cracks, rust, pulling away from the roof, holes, or if the material is bent.  Steel flashing and valleys can be painted with a rust inhibiting paint.  Copper flashings and valleys could be cleaned and/or replaced as needed.  Newer skylights have great flashing kits that ensure a water tight seal.  Older skylights tend to be more of an issue because of the seals and it’s important to check the area for minor leaks.  Improperly installed siding can affect the wherewithal of your roof as well.  Our technicians will inspect all of these areas for you at no charge to see if they are in need of maintenance.


Gutter cleaning in the fall before winter snow starts falling.  Gutter covers can be installed as well to help reduce the amount of cleaning necessary.  In most cases with a gutter guard or cover will make gutter cleaning a moot point.

Call and Expert

If you’re inspecting on your own and find worrisome signs, especially if the roof is old or a recent storm has blown through, or you need a roof maintenance inspection, give us a call. We will provide you with a free roof inspection and photos of any suspect areas.