Gutters and Downspouts

Proper installation, rapid repair, and consistent cleaning are all important to maintaining not only your gutter system but the overall roofing system as well. Gutter systems can cause major leaks over time if not appropriately tended. We are able to service our customers on all of these fronts in order to keep their system in working order.

Why is a properly functioning gutter system important?

gutters and downspoutsLeaks do not always come from roof problems. Clogged or leaking gutters and downspouts can also cause interior leaks and foundation problems in your home. A leaking downspout over the years can destroy the mortar in brick walls, stain siding, and be the cause of a wet basement.

Leaf and gutter guards can help to reduce the need to clean your gutters as often. Homeowners with trees surrounding their homes will understand especially flowering trees, cottonwood, and maples that tend to give off a lot of debris in spring, fall and summer.

Heating cables in the gutter system can also help to reduce ice buildup. Large amounts of heavy ice can put strain on the gutters causing them to detach from the fascia board or roof.

Gutter Types and Style Options

Gutters systems are made from a variety of materials with different benefits and cost. Keep in mind that some cities designate certain areas or specific homes as “historic” and have regulations regarding gutter styles.
Gutter Materials:

Aluminum – Aluminum gutters are the most common for this area. They are lightweight and can be easily modified to fit any home. In terms of cost these are the least expensive and durable for the money spent on them.

Galvanized Steel – Steel gutters are normally found on older homes. They typically come in a larger size than the typical aluminum gutter. They are more expensive than aluminum gutters but if properly maintained can last longer than an aluminum gutter system.

Plastic/Vinyl – These gutter systems are lightweight and require only minimal maintenance. However, we do not see a lot of this type in the Cleveland area as our cold winters are not conducive to this type of material.

Copper – Copper gutter systems are durable and can be an attractive addition to a home. This type of gutter system is most expensive but can last a long time if they are installed properly and maintained. If there are not enough hangers used during installation the weight from winter’s precipitation can bend the gutters which would then need repair.

Gutter styles are mostly for aesthetic purposes. Certain styles need to be attached to fascia board while others use a hanging system from the roof line.

  • Half-Round
  • Box
  • Square Line
  • K Style

Contact the Gutter Experts

Reader Roofing offers gutter and downspout repairs, fabrications and installations. We carry all types and styles of gutters. Our sheet metal shop can also duplicate your older half round gutter or any other metal fabrication that you may need to keep your home’s appearance consistent. Call us today to see how Reader Roofing can meet you needs.