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See examples of the work we have done. We regularly post images and details from jobs we have recently finished.

Amazing Tear Offs

28 Jun

Reader roofing did a full tear off of our existing roof (3 layers) and put on a new roof (3 ft of ice and water shield), soffit and ridge venting, and installed new gutters and downspouts in the fall of 2013. They also replaced the backporch roof the following spring with no issues. They were […]

Best Hunting Valley Roofing Contractors

16 May

Having a beautiful house and yard is no accident. Those who work on the property have to be of the highest caliber.In order to accomplish this team work and commitment to excellence is required. Reader takes pride in our work.The reason why people choose us is for quality of work.Over the years we have served […]

Asphalt Shingle Replacement

22 Apr

Asphalt shingle replacement: Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material that we remove and replace on a regular basis.We recently replaced aging and deteriorating shingles with very high quality 30 year dimensional shingles in Cleveland Heights. Our customer had a porch with weather beaten shingles.The possiblities of leaks and rot were a […]

East Cleveland Family Saved From Roofing Damage

04 Dec

The time had come to replace this weather beaten old roof with a new 30 year dimensional shingle.Rain storms produced leaks, winter risked ice build up and with the potential of ice dams- but worse was the worry of doing nothing. The homeowner was comfortable with asphalt shingles. They are known to be durable- especially […]

Improperly Installed Shingles

02 Dec

Substandard work had caused ice build up on the roof of a home owner in Fairview Park – A suburb of Cleveland. The stress of a lousy job and pleading from the homeowner made no difference to the crew that did the work.The damages were left untreated. The resulting ice damage and leaks had to […]

New Home-Garage Roof – East Cleveland

09 Oct
Reader Roofing crew install new roof on East Cleveland home.

This homeowner knew that his home and garage roof were in need of work. He called Reader Roofing in August to assess the situation and suggest a means of attack. Assessing the Situation Chris, our residential roofing representative, had a look over the old roofs. He notice that both the house roof and garage roof […]