Buying a New Roof and Getting your Money’s Worth

Salvatore-Demarco-Home-300x225Introduction to buying a new roof

Buying a new roof can be a tricky process and it is important that you are mindful of certain things to ensure that you are getting a roof that is worth your money.

When it comes to buying a new roof, the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is what the system components of the roof are.

There are a range of different components in roofs but the six major components are listed below.

The six major roofing components of roofing systems are:

Roof Covering:  This includes shingles, tiles, slates, metals and other specialized materials.

Sheathing: These include the boards and sheet material that provides a cover for the building or house.

Roof structure: These are the trusses and rafters that support the sheathing.

Flashing: These are the sheet metal and other materials that are installed on the roof for protrusions such as chimneys and vent pipes.

Drainage:  Lastly, buying a new roof also involves roof system design features such as shape, slope, and others.

Ventilation:  Without proper ventilation and air flow through the space below the roof, the roofing material may degrade more quickly.  In addition, manufacturers’ warranties on roofing materials require proper venting to comply with warranty terms.  Unless these terms are addressed correctly it can void any warranty on the products used.  Most labor and workmanship warranties from contractors will only be in effect for a few years.  Contractors will say you have a “lifetime” warranty without being clear as to who is covering the “lifetime” and what “lifetime” actually refers to.

“Lifetime” refers to manufacturer’s expectations of how long a given product will last providing all specifications by the product manufacturer are adhered to.  This is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure; first, that the customer is duly informed of the requirements to meet warranty second, the job is bid, priced and completed to cover all aspects for warranty terms and third, the customer is given the option to comply with the manufacturer recommendations for warranty or to complete the job in the best workmanlike manner fully understanding that life expectancy of products may be reduced and warranties may be void should they chose not to follow manufacturer specifications.      

Choosing A Roofing System

After you have assessed and realized that a particular roof is made out of the factors given above, the next thing is how to choose a roof system.

There are many things that you have to incorporate when it comes to choosing a new roofing system. These include the aesthetics, durability, cost and structures.

Roof Covering selections include:

Asphalt shingles, wood shingles, tiles, slate, metal and other synthetic roofing products are selections to make for the roof covering.  

But the covering of your roof, the portion we can see is not the system in it’s entirety.  The whole idea is that a roofing system should comprise of the factors listed above.  Moreover, every decent roofing system should also have good insulation.

There are certain important terms you should know as well when it comes to roofing including deck, dormer, drip edge, eave and others.

Selecting A Contractor

When it comes to buying a new roofing system, it is also important to select a professional roofing contractor.

There are many different guidelines that have to be kept in mind when it comes to selecting a roofing professional.

These include:

  • You should check if the contractor is financially stable, how long they have been in business, and

if they are properly licensed

  • Can they provide proof of insurance and is there a permanent place of business
  • Does the company has a proven track record that provides client references for a complete set of projects

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