Botched Roofing Jobs


Finding a roofing contractor with experience makes all of the difference:

Choosing a roofing contractor is not easy. It is critical to find professionals who have the experience, dedication, and professionalism to ensure a great outcome for you. 

Avoid the frustration of having to find a new team of roofers in an emergency:

Our company, Reader Roofing, was recently asked to take over a project where the roofers lacked the knowledge, skills, talent and expertise to complete the job. As you can see from the picture above, they left the homeowner in a very vulnerable state. The roof has rotten wood, dislodged shingles, gaping holes, and the potential for greater damage to the insulation, and attic in the event of a rain storm. 

Imagine the horror of paying an inexperienced team of roofers to deliver results that left your home exposed to potential water damage? Can you imagine the stress of frantically calling around to find contractors to complete the work?

As it turns out, we opened up the roof, replaced the wood that was in sub-par condition. We installed new ice and water shield and used the customers existing shingles by matching the lots. We inspected the ridge vents and chimney and ensured a good outcome, by completing the job in a day and a half. 

Some key points are:

  • We responded to the emergency quickly.We took stock of the situation. We completed the work in a day and a half.
  • We replaced the bad timber. 100 Sqr feet was removed.
  • We installed ice and water shield. This step is critical to removing the potential for ice dams in the winter.
  • We matched the shingles, saving our customer money, time and frustration.
  • The ridge vents were inspected. The chimney was examined. The potential for further damage was corrected.
  • The shingles that were installed were quality 30-year asphalt.
  • Our team had the experience, professionalism, knowledge, and sensitivity toward the homeowner to correct the problem, and leave the homeowner in a strong position with a solid roof.

Lessons Learned for Homeowners Choosing Roofing Contractors:

  • The most important lesson to learn from this is to carefully select experienced roofing professionals.
  • Choose only companies with longevity.
  • Check references.
  • Be sure that your roofer has the correct licensing and insurance.
  • Price is important, but not everything. Quality is the main concern. A low price can turn bitter when a new team of roofers has to correct sub-par workmanship caused by lack of knowledge or experience.
  • Look at online reviews. Be sure to check consumer reports.

Summary of Botched Roofing Jobs 

Not everyone is a professional roofer. There are many claims from inexperienced crews that cannot be backed up when problems are discovered. Given the nature of roofing, issues are occasionally discovered mid-project that require correction. Wood may need to be replaced. Shingles may not be salvageable, ice and water shield may be absent, ventilation may be poor, or the attic may be soaked with water damage. These things happen. It is critical that your roofer has the skills, talent and ability to overcome the issues, and leave your home with a job well done.

The weather in Ohio is unforgiving. Rain can decimate a poor roofing job. The costs to your home can be in the tens of thousands when you consider the overall damage to the structures.

Only deal with companies with longevity and better yet- those with generations of roofers in their family. You can be guaranteed the best outcomes at the best price.